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Even though Stoke Abbott (the starting point for this walk) is only a few miles away, it seemed wrong to park up in the middle of someone else’s village during total lockdown.

Now that restrictions have eased a bit it’s time to venture about and about just a little further from home.

And, as Greta the lurcher puppy is now 8 months old she can manage slightly longer walks on her young legs.


It starts with a walk up the holloway leading to Chart Knolle, the same as featured in a Post exactly a year ago. That walk was with lurcher Merle who sadly died last summer. Now it’s Greta’s time to explore.


There’s a beautiful view of Gerrard’s Hill through the trees.


And the first sightings of foxgloves in the hedgerows.

Last year’s walk went over Gerrard’s Hill. This time it takes a left turn around Chart Knolle and the side of the Roman fort of Wadden Hill.


Hollways left behind and the land opens up. Looking back towards Beaminster.


Wadden Hill on the near left, Lewesdon Hill up ahead.

The track winds down to the road at Stoke Knapp. Then down the Stoke Abbott lane for a couple of hundred yards before taking a footpath on the left.


More unspoilt Dorset views to the south. And Greta tucking herself into the corner of the photo. Any roads or lanes sunken between the hedges and hidden from view.


The path leads down through a meadow, With yarrow just holding its own at the moment in a sea of young bracken shoots. The bracken will win out in the end.


Finally along another of those hidden tracks back down into the heart of the village. Green and lush with ferns.


Dorset does ferns so well. It’s good to be out and about.