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Make do & mend is a way of life around here.

This jumper, a particular winter favourite, was a classic case. It was hand knitted several years ago and has been through a quite a few winters. It had already been repaired more than once – some darning on the elbows and the cuffs re-worked. Now it was in a sorry state and in desperate need of some love.

But there’s only so many times you can darn over darns. The time had come for a more drastic repair/remake.

Fortunately there was some of the yarn used still in the stash. It was interesting to see just how worn and threadbare the knitting had become when compared to the unused yarn. It wouldn’t have been the end of the world if there hand’t been any leftover yarn. It just would have ended up as a patchwork of different yarns – like examples of jumpers knitted by POWs in WW2 who used unravelled socks and any other yarn they could find to knit up.

The pattern is based on this…..

From a 1940’s knitting book. It was just scaled up (the original used 4 ply) in the largest size using aran yarn and much larger needles. It’s a great, almost smocky, boxy shape.

The advantage of this pattern is that the sleeves are knitted from the top down. This not only removes the tricky task of setting in the sleeves at the end, but also makes re-knitting so much easier. Quite a few vintage knitting patterns for children use this technique, it allows for adding extra inches as the child grows.

It was just a case of unravelling each sleeve as far as necessary (one about 2/3rds up and the other all the way to the shoulder) and re-knitting.

Then it got a wash……

And it’s as good as new.

All set for another few year’s service!