News from the Shop Front

Exciting news – After nearly four years of working from home I now have a proper new workshop!

It actually comes with a whole new home. The stone workshop at the bottom of the garden was, in fact, a major factor in buying the whole place. But the house is very much a work in progress and a Blog post for another day,

Meanwhile, whilst waiting on electricians and plumbers the priority was to get the new workshop up and running. It’s one end of the stone building. The other side (at one time a garage) is a store room come shed. Close enough to the house to be handy, but just far enough away to feel like a separate space just for WORK.

This is how it looked when I got the keys.

It was chock full of the previous owner’s late husband’s wood working kit. There was a lot of junk to clear out, but also plenty of good, old vintage tools. After a mammoth sort out these were sold to the Vintage Tool Shop as a job lot.

There then followed some rearranging and even more clearing out of junk and sawdust. Now (most) of my machines, tools, yarn stock and all the other work related bits and pieces could move in. No longer filling up every nook and cranny of the old place. And at last space to display items gathered over the years. There are a few pieces (like the pictures on the shelves at the back) that were originally there, along with a few of the old tools, a reminder of the workshop’s previous life.

Along with lots of drawers and storage for all the odds and ends, there are shelves for reference books and random objects.

And the knitting machine clamps nicely onto a bench in front of the window with lots of working space all around. No more makeshift stand and flimsy table for the machine and all the necessary tools.

Whilst the rest of the house is far from ready to move into, and it’s still partly being used as storage for stuff that will be going into the house. But it feels so good to have a real, dedicated workspace where all is (almost) calm and orderly.