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Smith & Smith of Bridport is a classic gentlemen’s (and ladies’) outfitters, every town should have one.

As they say : “We have been supplying the people of Bridport with fine quality clothing since 1884.”

It’s one of those shops where nothing seems to change – in the best possible way. Smith & Smith began as a tailoring business by the Smith family over 140 years ago just round the corner where Bridport Old Books is now. They moved to the top of West Street in 1920s. The Smiths stopped running the business in the 1950s when a Smith & Smith Ltd was formed by employees. The bespoke side of the business ceased and they continued as an outfitters. They later added ladieswear, first in a little corner of the shop and then upstairs. They are now on their third female director.

The atmosphere is unchanging as fashions come and go. Dark and cool, with mahogany cabinets of gentlemen’s accoutrements.

It’s the sort of place you can buy those brightly coloured corduroy trousers beloved of country squires. And to go with them there’s a wall of shirts to choose from – stripes and checks galore. Here you get old fashioned service (the staff are always very friendly and helpful).

And shelves of classic, no nonsense knitwear for the discerning gent on and off the golf course.

Upstairs in ladies’ wear time stands still…it’s a classic provincial boutique.

Although the styles aren’t as frumpy or frightening as all that – plenty of good quality useful, wearable stuff here once you start looking. And there’s a sofa tucked in there somewhere if it all gets a bit much and you need to sit down.

Smith & Smith of Bridport is just the place to go when you need a present for an eighty year old gent (a spotted, silk cravat). There was a whole box to choose from.