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What a year it’s been. And it’s not over yet. Time for some stash busting.

But, if (like Tom Daley) you knit and/or crochet you have an invaluable resource to help you get through these strange times. It is creative, labour intensive and mindful, perfect for long winter days when there’s nowhere else to be.

Around here lately it’s been all about stash busting. First off – I discovered a bag of 4 ply granny squares made several years ago and stashed away in a trunk. There were quite a few, but not enough for anything in particular. But with a bag of oddments and plenty of time this project became 96 squares, which became 3 good sized cushion covers over Christmas and New Year.

And whilst we’re at it, here’s a chance to talk about something else that’s been a great help in getting through lockdown – A big Thank You to all those internet folk of YouTube and other platforms who’ve been creating wonderful content over the last year.

Here are just a few who have inspired, distracted, informed, entertained and gone above and beyond in the last year:

Arne and Carlos – Norwegian Knitwear Designers. Especially their Sit and Knit for a Bit posts, where they chat on for an hour or so about what they’ve been up to, what they’ve been making, eating for breakfast, reading, all the details. With wit, warmth and humour.

Bernadette Banner – Dress Historian. Who makes historically accurate clothing using the methods of the time. Beautifully filmed and meticulously researched.

Philip Mould – Art Dealer (him off the telly). He’s been posting a series of Art in Isolation IGTV videos from his (very envy worthy) manor house in Oxfordshire. Showing us and talking about some of the art in his collection. In each episode he chooses a piece and talks about where and why he bought it, about the artist and about the piece itself.

Jonna Jinton – She lives in the north of Sweden, blonde hair, beautiful. Makes art, music, jewellery, but also videos with high production values. Lots of snow and drone shots of forests and lakes.

Li Ziqi – A Chinese Food Blogger with millions of subscribers. Lovely videos of growing and making food and sometimes textiles and other crafts from her home in the Szechuan countryside. From planting the seeds to putting it on the plate. Not tutorials, just great to watch.

The Last Homely House – Kate is lady in the north of England who likes to ‘have a go’ (her term) at stuff. Patchwork, knitting, spinning, cooking. Lately she’s been making a rag rug. Warm, friendly and chatty.

And it’s Kate who prompted the latest stash busting project around here. It’s a mitred squares knitted blanket (or something) using up the leftover, naturally dyed Blue Faced Leicester yarn used for the fingerless mitts. The instructions (as directed by Kate) are from The Knitting Squirrel and once you get started are quite simple and great for keeping your hands busy whilst watching all these wonderful, creative people.