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Swedish Crisp Rolls are delicious. Delicious topped with just about anything. Of course they are available in the shops. But the challenge here was to make them at home.

Hunting down a recipe wasn’t so easy, there are plenty for crispbreads (the flat rye kind) but not for these. After a bit of searching they turned up here – flavoured with cardamon. So many thanks to El Invitado de Invierno. This recipe calls for a pre-ferment (sponge) for extra flavour, but probably any enriched dough recipe would work, the key is that they must be buttery for that rich, indulgent taste. The key is baking twice (like biscotti, or Dorset Knobs).

When is comes to making the rolls the trick is to make them small (about 40g).

Once baked (for the first time) leave them to cool. You could eat them as they are (delicious) – so maybe keep some for eating now and some for crisping up.

Then split them with a fork (not a knife) for that rough texture.

And back into the oven they go, on a gentle heat (about 140 degrees C) – and keep an eye on them. Basically they need to dry out and toast slowly until they are golden brown.

Once cool they should keep for quite a few days in an airtight tin.