Things to Make and Do

We all need a proper tool shed. Although, after clearing A LOT of crap, the workshop had plenty of space. But there was no organised space for tools and chicken feed.

The obvious place was directly in front of the main entrance. A door to the left leads into the workshop proper with the ‘storeroom’ to the right.

This space had previously been used mainly as a timber store by the previous owner. It’s about 6ft deep and 4ft wide (prefect small shed size). There was a handy space below shelves of timber/wood. But that was only 3ft high so it involved crawling in, not very handy for reaching stuff at the back. However a lot of that wood had been used for building cupboards and shelves in the house. The rubbish wood was now firewood, and any chipboard etc went to the tip.

Unfortunately in my enthusiasm for getting this tool shed project done I forgot to take a photo of the ‘before’. Realising just how much the stock of timber been reduced it was just a matter of removing the lower two shelves. and putting the remained timber onto the two upper shelves (with some reinforcement).

That’s the remaining timber up at the top all sorted into usefulness and length.

I just left a couple of planks at the end wall as shelves for pots, odd tools and such. These had previously been sitting around and getting in the way in the store room.

And the battens around the sides made for useful tool storage with the addition of a few nails.

So, after a lot of wood wrangling, displaced spiders and moths there we have it. All the tools in one place, together with all the pots, compost and all things garden related.

Plus the bins for the chicken feed all at hand (without the need for bending double and crawling in).

All in all that was a satisfying couple of days work.