Both Weymouth and Lyme Regis are honeypots for visitors in the summer months.

But in the off season they take on a different mood. Quiet and atmospheric. All grey skies and chilly breezes.


The Old Harbour at Weymouth has a particularly timeless quality and stillness early on a January morning, with just a few people and virtually no cars about. It’s so much easier to imagine what is was like ‘in the old days’ without hundreds of tourists cluttering up the place.


The rows of pretty, painted cottages around the harbour could be a film set, they are so perfect and neat.


But the working boats are standing by, full of kit.


Over on the main beach, with the tide out there’s lots of space for a few hardy souls and their happy dogs – allowed onto the sand at this time of year.


Meanwhile, it’s a very similar story along the coast at Lyme.

Just a few boats bobbing in the shelter of the harbour. It looks isolated, bleak and forbidding, with spray washing over the cobb.


The blinds are down at the Beach House Cafe, no quality coffee here today…


although they’re more hopeful of some business at the Amusement Arcade.


All the beach huts are locked up save for one. A lovely lady rents one at this time of year (just å£4 a day in winter from the local council).

She brings all her stuff and decks it all out.


So inside is cosy and pretty, a seat with a view, tucked out of the wind – and a fresh cup of tea whenever she fancies.