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A winter project – this year it’s a crochet blanket. This is a must to beat the winter blues and to stave off in advance any inclination towards S.A.D (seasonal affective disorder).

Think about it now, before Christmas. Find your project, something ambitious and labour intensive for preference. Buy your materials now (or put them on your Christmas list sharpish). Then you’ll be all set for the long, dark months ahead – if you can wait that long.

A crochet blanket is a labour of love. The internet is full of patterns. The lovely Lucy at Attic24 has great patterns and tutorials. Or just go searching…..

Choose your yarns. These are King Cole merino DK – a result of having got carried away with their new choice of blue/green shades – consequently the palette is very tonal.

Following some random internet searching, in the end this pattern was chosen. Wanting to work in long, steady rows rather than squares. It has wavy ripples interspersed with the scalloped, bouncy effect of the treble trebles. A few rows of small double crochets (note: the pattern seems to be US, so they are called ‘SC’ in the pattern) which grow very slowly are then rewarded with a row of super long TrTr clusters.

It also has pleasing ridges on the right side, formed by working through the back loops only.

The plan is for it to be big – about 5ft square. And it will use a mountain of yarn, each band of colour uses a whole 50g ball of yarn – so it won’t be cheap.

But as well as eating up the yarn it will eat up hours of long, dark evenings. Pleasingly repetitive, addictive and, in the long run, productive.

Call back in the Spring for an update!