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It’s been all about yellow around here. The colour of Spring – even when the sun refuses to shine. Time to bring some it indoors.

Primroses from the garden – and abundant in the hedgerows of Dorset. They last no time at all once picked, but bringing a few into the cottage on a gloomy day was irresistible.

And native wild daffodils (Narcissus pseudonarcissus) also known as the Lent Lily, spotted on a new walk in a hidden corner of West Dorset. They are enchanting.

They were abundant in this little lost valley. So much smaller and more delicate than garden cultivars. Picking these few was a little naughty – but there was truly a host of them.

The bantams have gone into full-on Spring laying mode. So to celebrate this there has been some Lemon Curd making (very high on egg use).

Now that’s a jar of sunshine if ever there was. This was soon followed by lots of pastry and tart making.

Back to work – On the sock making front there are yellows too:

From the gorse flowers¬†featured in a recent post. Men’s socks now in the Etsy shop. Shouldn’t every discerning gent own a pair of yellow socks?

And turmeric – Ladies’ socks in the Etsy shop and also on the Website. Turmeric is a very powerful dye-stuff and the colour can be ‘vibrant’ to say the least.

More yet yellows are coming out of the dye pots:

The gold from yellow onion skins and delicate primrose from a much weaker turmeric dye – a lesson learnt on just how far a few grams of ground turmeric will go when it comes to dyeing.

Now we just need the sun to shine.